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About OfficeBee

OfficeBee was born from our dream of making it easier to run a business.

To realize this idea, we believe Software as a Service platform is ideal. Fully supported by, we have created a marketplace platform that is reliable, secure and scalable. We also ensure that the platform is flexible enough to support many business use cases, so it can help its users reach their goals.

Procurement of goods in a company is a complex job, with many well known issues. Transparency in the transaction process, limited availability of suppliers, and long procurement times due to a centralized administrative system are just a few examples. We find that utilizing the correct technology could help solve most, if not all, of those problems. Having run our own marketplace for a few years, we navigate many high and lows as platform owner. Thus, we make sure our OfficeBee platform is made with best practices from our own experience incorporated. 

Since we first deployed OfficeBee to our first client back in 2018, we have helped many companies, ranging from big government institutions to multinational company, in streamlining their procurement process or help them venture into a new business of marketplace operators. And we are ready to continue helping other companies in need.

Our Commitment

We are committed to ensure that OfficeBee platform remains a best-in-class product in a changing procurement landscape. We will continue to innovate according to the latest technological developments, in order to stay focused on the main solution: corporate cost savings and transparency.