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Along with technological developments, the way people shop has changed. Now, people prefer to shop online, without the hassle of leaving the house. The same thing happened to the spending process for corporate procurement. If in the past the person in charge of company procurement bothered shopping here and there, now they prefer e-procurement transactions that are easier.

OfficeBee exists as a platform that provides controlled and transparent procurement transaction solutions for companies and organizations. OfficeBee offers an e-Procurement platform and a Corporate e-Catalog with complete features for a better procurement process.

Why Use OfficeBee?

OfficeBee offers a complete platform to suit your procurement needs. With OfficeBee, you can speed up the delegation process, streamline the procurement system, to build a good commerce website. All you can get at once only with OfficeBee.

The OfficeBee system allows you to carry out transactions that are transparent and efficient, both from the seller and buyer side. Here are the advantages of OfficeBee:

  • You can control expenses easily.
  • Support a transparent, efficient and real-time procurement system.
  • Supports cloud based installation.

The following are OfficeBee’s main features that can simplify your procurement and sales transactions:

Terms Of Payment

Officebee provides a variety of payment methods that make it easy for corporations to make repayments. For sellers, this feature also provides convenience in billing procurement transactions.

Order & Service Tracking

Through this feature, both sellers and buyers can monitor the process of sending orders in real-time.

Reporting & Dashboard

In this feature, corporations can manage company expenses anywhere and anytime. Meanwhile, marketplace owners or sellers can manage the company’s income.

Multi-User Accounts

This Officebee feature makes account management easy, because it can be used by many people in your company.

And many more. You can find more details on our features on out e-Procurement or Marketplace product page.

So, do you want to speed up the delegation process and streamline the procurement system? Or would you like to more easily connect with procurement partners? Request an OfficeBee demo right now!

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