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e-Procurement, Modern Procurement Process with Many Benefits

E-Procurement is the process of procuring goods or services that take advantage of software facilities, communication technology and information. Procurement transactions using E-procurement are easier, more transparent and efficient than traditional procurement processes.

According to Dave Chaffey, Digital Marketing (2009), e-Procurement is an electronic integration in the management of all procurement activities. This includes purchases, requests, order authorizations, deliveries, and payments between buyers and vendors.

Benefits of e-Procurement for Business

The presence of e-Procurement certainly has a good impact on the progress of the company. Here are the benefits of e-Procurement for your business:

Neater Data Input

In the procurement process, a lot of data will be generated. The problem is, manual storage allows these data to be at risk of loss or corruption. If you do an e-Procurement transaction, this problem can be resolved properly. Because all data is neatly stored in cloud storage and can be opened whenever you need.

Monitored Delivery Process

In a manual procurement transaction, you must monitor the shipments to arrive at the company address. The e-Procurement system will make it easier for you to monitor shipments.

More organized

E-Procurement makes the data collection process as well as the procurement process automatic and more orderly. The report preparation process is also easier, tidier, faster and more transparent.

Can Be Selected As Needed

The e-Procurement application can be customized according to the needs and business processes that exist within each organization.

The Advantages of E-Procurement Than Procurement

Following are the advantages of procurement using the E-Procurement system:

  • The transaction process is easier and faster.
  • Delivery of goods or services on time and to the right place.
  • Monitored order tracking process.
  • Quality and quantity of goods in accordance with the order.
  • Shorten transaction time because it cuts multiple processes.
  • Transactions more safely, fairly, honestly and transparently.
  • Preparation of procurement reports that are more accurate and faster.

Based on the above reviews, conclusions can be drawn. E-Procurement is a new style of corporate procurement system for better company performance.